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PostPosted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 9:14 am    Post subject: Arena - New Looks, New Play Style?

On a competitive level, nothing beats the conquest map. The entire game is balanced around this MOBA staple of a three lane map with jungle in between the lanes. But the game mode that attracts the greatest number of (casual) players is Arena, and this map has recently received a major visual overhaul. But do the changes that this update brought with it affect play, and if so, how?

The first thing you’ll notice when the map loads is the abundance of daylight streaming into the Colosseum. In the old map, the battles were fought under a nighttime sky and the stands, spectators and battlefield all had a muted color scheme to further enforce this theme. Now, with the brightness of day, the color schemes have been changed to look more vibrant. The sunlight hitting the sand almost glares back at you as the spectators cheer you on dressed in a myriad of colors. All this makes the match feel a little bit more frantic, and a little bit more alive.

The actual layout of the map hasn’t been changed. It’s still a circular arena with a walled in fountain at either end, four pillars in the center of the map and a set of three walls sheltering the buff camps. The towers that were guarding the entrances to the fountain have been replaced by gargoyles on the wall. Functionally they’re the same, though the area itself has opened up a little bit with the removal of the towers. This doesn’t affect play too much, though ‘towerdiving’ for a kill is a little riskier, as you can no longer force a player behind the tower to prevent them from getting into the fountain. Luckily, this was rarely a factor, but some players liked this tactic and it’s no longer available.

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