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PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 2:38 pm    Post subject: Tying the Connections: Scylla


Here we are again, back to tie the connections between a goddess’ abilities and her lore. This time we’re looking at someone who isn’t technically a goddess, but part of Greek myth all the same. It’s the monstrous little girl that hurts way more than any character has the right to: Scylla, Horror of the Sea.

Scylla’s tale is riddled with themes that seem to drown Greek mythology: desire, jealousy and spite. The most accepted version of her legend has Scylla born as a beautiful sea nymph, or Nereid, that was besieged with many suitors. She turned all of them down, as none of them spiked her interest enough, and she decided to remain with the other Nereids.

Glaucus was one of those suitors, falling in love with Scylla the moment he laid his eyes upon her. But he wasn’t a normal human anymore, as his lower body changed into a fishtail after chewing on a plant. Scylla, horrified by his appearance, mistook him for a monster and fled, leaving the heartbroken Glaucus behind.

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